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Recommended index: 5 stars


I knew PETG was hygroscopic (readily absorbs water), and I'd tried the trick of cooking it in the enclosed housing with the heated bed. I just underestimated HOW hygroscopic it was until I used the transparent stuff, or even my light gray filament and watched half my print turn to swiss cheese. So I bit the bullet and got this model.

The humidity sensor is a definite plus because you can see some results. For example, when I first used this on clear PETG, the ambient humidity in the room was 30%...after an hour, the humidity in the dryer was 65%. This was definitely driving out the moisture.

The print quality improved dramatically, although I needed to recalibrate all of my settings (which were set by trial and error around problematic filament). I had far fewer extruder skips, and I could print at a lower temperature without losing layer or bed adhesion (don't need to overcook PTFE tubes anymore). Also, it lets me print on humid days without worrying about the filament having too much moisture. It may take some creative placement depending on how your printer feeds filament, but the drying cycle can be used for maintenance of the filament during a print. (Other filaments aren't so finicky, and may not need maintenance drying, but this will ensure you have a good spool prior to running a print job.)

Only issue I have is that the touchscreen can be a little bit may try to cycle settings and change one instead. However, the quirks are consistent, and haven't made the product unusuable. Once set, it does what it's supposed to do. Hopefully they'll address this issue, but for now, it's just a quirk of the product.

You'll need to set the materials presets yourself (default values for time and temperature aren't dialed in from the factory), but the controller will hold the settings by material.

A good filament dryer will save you a lot of headache in the long run.



Recommended index: 5 stars


Overall, this is a great filament dryer with a few areas that could be improved. I'm able to use 4 year old PLA filament that's been exposed to extreme humidity as if it were brand new! Print quality is excellent with little-to-no stringing on filament that previously showed many flaws and stringing during printing. Very satisfied with the overall functionality and capabilities of this unit.

I'll continue to use the S2 for drying out and printing old filament, however, there are a few shortcomings I hope are addressed in a future design revision: The lack of an exhaust fan or vents means humidity just builds up in the S2 during the drying process, so the cover needs to be opened a couple times while pre-drying very 'wet' filament to clear out the humid air. Once the filament has been pre-dried, the S2 can be run enclosed without venting...still, it would be great if Sunlu had integrated an exhaust fan. This can be mitigated to some extent by placing silica in the center of your spool, which will adsorb humidity released from the filament during the drying process. The single filament port is limiting as far as how the S2 can be placed. Other filament dryers have multiple ports where the filament can be fed out from (it angles upward, which isn't optimal for filament spools placed above a printer, but works with a long enough PTFE tube run). It would also be nice if they had integrated a PTFE tube w/ fitting, although the stock port does allow a 4mm 'bowden' PTFE tube to fit snugly, so is acceptable for a full dryer-to-extruder reverse bowden setup. Finally, the included power supply has a painfully short cable length....maybe 3-4 feet. I have to use an extension cable to allow it to be placed on top of a double stacked LACK enclosure and connected to a standard height power outlet.

Pros: nice aesthetic design & great functional touch screen controls. Highly functional drying of old 'wet' filament. Full-spool heating elements. Silent operation. Easy spool loading and smooth spool rolling action.

Cons: very short power cord, only one filament port, no exhaust fan. Angle of filament port may not be optimal for all setups, especially if the dryer is placed on top of a printer enclosure

Overall very satisfied with my purchase, but do hope Sunlu continues to improve on their design in the future.




Recommended index: 5 stars

I really like the S2 dryer a lot better than the S1. The S2 has a lot more options and information. The temp stays very consistent. At the most it may fluctuate a degree or two. It has a cool led light that indicates when it’s at the correct temp. It will stay solid when it hits temp and when it’s increasing moves from the bottom up. Highly recommend



 Ashton West

Recommended index: 4 stars


Great product so far after one week straight printing. Print quality has improved by so much. With all things printing I obviously had to make some “improvements” that I feel should have been addressed and that’s the reason it only getting four stars. Touch pad works great, lights are a nice kick, works best for me when I leave the lid cracked so the moisture can escape, may ad a super small exhaust fan. Overall I’m satisfied with my product and will probably get another soon. (Print photo is .2 layer height)



As you can see from everyone's evaluation, FilaDryers S2 is indeed a very good product

It has:

--The industry's first annular heating system

--Large touch screen display

--Up to 70 degrees


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