AW-3D Print dryer

Regardless you are a 3D printing amateur or a professional engineer, it's a quite head-dead problem of moisture absorption of filaments.

For example, a roll of nylon material , the water absorption saturation rate can be reached top limit within a week after opening the bag in a general environment.

In fact, all FDM filaments have a certain degree of water absorption, including but not only ABS, PLA, Nylon, PETG.

The statement water absorption is a bit strange. The more scientific saying is that filaments like to absorb water molecules.

This property of absorbing water molecules can break 3D filaments. Moisture absorption of filaments will not only reduce the molecular weight inside materials and become easy on damaged, but also when the moist filaments are heated at more than 200 degrees, a large number of water molecules are boiled and pulled out. Accompanied by the crackling noise, a lot of bubbles appear in your mold of printing.

On the surface, you would be troubled by the problems such as wire drawing, surface roughness, and whitening.

The importance of dry 3D printing filament is too often overlooked! If you have problems printing a material, make sure it’s sufficiently dry!  


Here Enotepad quick guides you some of experiences on it as below:

  • Vacuum drying works, though it’s not as efficient and effective as drying with heat.  
  • Adding silica gal to the vacuum bag helps a little.  
  • A food dehydrator is sufficient for common materials like PLA, PETG, and ABS though struggles with higher demanding polymers.SUNLU filament dryer S1 will finish this perfectly.
  • Weigh your material regularly to determine when drying is need if you’re in doubt.  


So, Storing materials in a vacuum chamber with dessicant is even suitable for highly demanding materials.

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