Do you often encounter problems such as Filament drawing, air bubbles, and Filament becoming brittle when you print? Maybe a FilaDryers can help! What is a FilaDryers? What improvements can a FilaDryers oven bring to printing?

We caught up with 3D printing enthusiast Mike ~ let him talk about his thoughts on FilaDryers ovens.


(Mike's workshop)


"I have two of the Sunlu S1 FilaDryers, and they are an invaluable tool for our 3d printer room.


Living in the Northeast, humidity is often a problem. Humidity can be absorbed by open filament spools, and will reduce the quality of 3d prints. Moist filament may become brittle or may print with "zits" when the moisture hits the hot print head. The filament dryer corrects these issues for us, and removes the moisture.


 We either dry just before use, or sometimes we print while the spool is still drying. The dryer is designed so it can feed directly into the printer, if desired. There are rollers inside the box, so it can spin, and a feed hole in the case of the unit.



The dryer has a clear cover, so you can see which product is loaded. The LCD screen control allows you to set the desired temperature, and the length of the drying cycle. I usually set ours for the max 50c (122f) for a cycle of 5 hours. The printer can be set from 35c-55c, for a cycle of up to 24 hours. The unit runs silently.


It comes well packaged, and includes an external power supply.


These dryers are a must for any 3d printer owner, especially if they live in a moist climate or store their filament in a location with high moisture. (basement, garage, shed, etc) For us, it allowed us to recover many spools that were previously too moist to use, worth more than the price of the unit itself.


Kudos to Sunlu for the great products and innovation! "


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