Revopoint POP 3 3D Scanner(1 Set) Combo with Free Standard Resin 1KG or Resin Detergent 1KG


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Style: POP 3 (Standard Edition)+Standard Resin 1KG(Random)

  • POP 3 (Standard Edition)+Standard Resin 1KG(Random)
  • POP 3 (Standard Edition)+Resin Detergent 1KG
  • POP 3 (Advanced Edition)+Standard Resin 1KG(Random)
  • POP 3 (Advanced Edition)+Resin Detergent 1KG
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[Intelligent Scannin] Enjoy seamless tracking and frame stitching with POP 3’s 9-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). It continuously measures the scanner’s movement and helps to eliminate faulty frames caused by fast movement or shaking

[Time-Saving Accuracy] Achieve a single-frame precision of up to 0.05mm at up to 18fps for lightning-fast scans and reliable 3D model accuracy!

[Better Color Accuracy] Get improved color and texture accuracy through the RGB camera’s bigger aperture capturing more light and dual white LEDs providing supporting illumination to eliminate shadows and make the colors vibrant.

[Enhanced Marker Tracking] Capture scans using marker points faster and more reliably with dual infrared LEDs mounted next to both depth cameras providing extra light for better marker point tracking.

[More Control] Easily control your POP 3 with its three new touch-sensitive buttons that pause/start scanning and control the depth cameras' exposure.

Product Name

POP 3 3D Scanner

Output Formats



Dual Camera Infrared Light

Point Distance/Resolution

Minimum 0.05mm

Single-frame Precision

Up to 0.05mm

Special Object Scanning

Use scanning spray and the correct scanning mode for transparent, dark, or highly reflective objects.

Single-frame Accuracy

Up to 0.1mm

Scanning Environment

Indoors and Outdoors

Single Capture Range

225mm x 125mm

Scanner Weight


Working Distance

150mm ~ 400mm

Scanner Dimensions

153mm x 29mm x 45mm

Minimum Scan Volume

20mm x 20mm x 20mm

3D Printing Compatible


Scanning Speed

12 - 18fps

Compatible OS

Window 10/11 (64-bit), Android, iOS, macOS



Auxiliary Lighting

4 IR LEDs/ 2 White LEDs

Light Source

Class 1 Infrared Light

Connection Modes

Type-C USB 3.0 and Wi-Fi 6

Tracking Modes


External Controls

3 Touch-sensitive buttons

Color Scanning




1. Accuracy was acquired in a controlled lab environment. Actual results might vary, subject to the operation environment.

2. iOS devices only support Wi-Fi connection.

3. Revo Scan only supports model editing features in Windows and macOS. Models made on Android and iOS must be exported to a PC for editing.

4. Avoid direct sunlight when scanning outdoors.



What are the differences between POP 2 and POP 3?

POP 3 has a 30% bigger RGM camera aperture and 2 white LEDs for better color scanning, an IMU for improved frame stitching, 4 infrared LEDs for improved marker tracking, faster scanning speeds (12 to 18fps), improved connectivity, and an easier-to-use design.

What’s special about POP 3’s IMU?

POP 3’s IMU is a 9-axis IMU with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer that all work together to help POP 3 understands its location as you move the scanner around an object. This, in turn, helps POP 3 to provide smoother frame stitching as well as helping to eliminate any faulty frames captured caused by shaking or moving too fast.

What technology does the POP 3 use?

POP 3 uses class 1 infrared structured light, dual depth cameras, and advanced algorithms to output detailed 3D models.Do you need a powerful computer to use the POP 3?

No, the POP 3’s algorithms and internal chip do most of the processing. 

Minimum specs: Intel i5, 8GB RAM.

Recommended specs: Intel i7, 16GB RAM.

No discrete GPU like an Nvidia or AMD graphics card is needed to use POP 3.

What devices are compatible with the POP 3?

The POP 3 can work with devices using: 

Windows ≥ 10 (64-bit) can connect via USB or Wi-Fi

Android ≥ 9.0 (RAM≥6GB) can connect via USB or Wi-Fi

macOS ≥ Intel x86 chips 10.15 and M chips 11.0 can connect via USB or Wi-Fi

iOS ≥ 13.0 (iPhone 8 and onwards) iOS devices can only be connected via Wi-Fi

Does POP 3 have 3D scanning software?

Yes, the POP 3 comes with Revo Scan for free. It is compatible with iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows devices. In Revo Scan, you can perform scans and post-processing.

What formats can Revo Scan export?

Revo Scan can export your models in PLY, OBJ, and STL.

What are the Dual-axis Turntable’s specifications, and what comes in the box?

  • Dual-axis Turntable Specifications:

Dimensions: (H) 82mm X (D) 200mm

Speed: 18 - 90 Seconds per Rotation

Max Load: 5kg

Product Gross Weight: 771g

Control Method: Via Revo Scan / APP

Rotation Control: Direction, Speed, and Start/Pause

Connection: Via Bluetooth


  • What’s in the Box?
  1. Dual-axis Turntable 
  2. Power Cable
  3. Multi-region Adapter (Supports US/EU/AU/GB plug types)
  4. Reusable Sticky Pad
  5. Attachable Table with Markers
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Revopoint POP 3 3D Scanner(1 Set) Combo with Free Standard Resin 1KG or Resin Detergent 1KG

USA / POP 3 (Standard Edition)+Standard Resin 1KG(Random)
USA / POP 3 (Standard Edition)+Standard Resin 1KG(Random)
$699.00 $599.00