SUNLU S1 Plus Filament Dryer for Filament Dry During 3D Printing

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【Say Goodbye to Poor 3D Printing by Wet Filament】Wet 3d printing filament will caused to stringing, clogging, poor adhesion, and Layer Shift. SUNLU FDM 3D Filament Dryer Enclosure can drying while printing to improve your 3D model, reducing the impact of the objective environment on the printing of 3d filaments.

【Personalized Temperature Setting】The user can adjust the temperature of the filament dry box according to different 3d filament type, ambient temperature, humidity and other factors. Adjustable temperature range 35℃~55℃. Suitable for more than 20 kinds of 3d printing filament commonly used in the market

【Personalized Drying Time Setting】 The default continuous drying time of the drying box is 6 hours, and you can also manually set the drying time. The time setting range is 0~24 hours. Commonly used 3D filament on the market under normal circumstances only need 3-6 hours of drying to achieve a good printing experience and printing effect.

【Compatible with 99% of 3D Filament Spools】A: Maximum capacity of SUNLU dry box is Φ210*85(H)mm. B: Compatible with all the mainstream 3D filament brands SUNLU, GEEETECH, ERYONE, ESUN, AMAZON BASIC etc.; C: Works perfectly with all standard filament diameters 1.75mm/2.85mm/3.00mm.

【User-friendly Design&1 Year Guaranteed After-Sales Service】 A: The design of two rollers inside the box allows you to print while drying; B: 2 inch large screen LCD monitor, can display temperature and time clearly and brightly; C: Ultra quiet design, less than 10db while operating, no disturbing of your life and work; D: Exquisite packaging design- best gift: Come on to buy one to present to your friends who love 3D printing


dry filament 3d printed model

Get Moisture out of Filaments

It can greatly helps you get better printing results without stringing,clogging and layer shift. SUNLU Filadryer S1PLUS makes your damp filaments alive again.

Temp is Adjustable Up to 55℃

Temperature can be adjusted ranging from 35℃~55℃. It can dry many kinds of 3d filaments(1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm PLA,PLA Plus,PETG,ABS,TPU...).Drying when you are printing models, it can improve the printing quality and get better printing results. Filadryer S1PLUS is the best 3d printing mate.

  • Filament Dryer

    Say No to Moisture Filaments

    If the filaments are moisture, SUNLU Filadryer S1PLUS can dry it evenly and improve the printing effect greatly. It helps you avoid wasting filaments and printing failure.

  • Dry box

    Easy Operation

    It is very easy to operate SUNLU filadryer S1PLUS. Click right bottom to set heating temp; Press the left bottom for 3 seconds to set heating time. (PV means the actual heating temp in the dryer box; SV means the temp you set)

  • 3d print failure

    Say Good Bye to Failure

    SUNLU Filadryer S1PLUS is designed to help you solve the printing problems like Clogging, Layer shift, Stringing and Ahesion.

  • Dry Filament
  • filament dry box
  • 3d printed model


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PLA is a food-safe material, but the filament will be added with toner during the production process, and it may also be contaminated by the printing nozzle during the printing process, so we do not recommend you to use PLA to print tableware

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