SUNLU is running 2 warehouses in each area: UK/Europe/USA/Australia/Russia.
UK warehouse location: Lotton, London
Europe Warehouse Location: Germany, People Republic of Czech
USA warehouse location: California, New York
Australia warehouse location: Sydney, Melbourne
Russia warehouse location: Moscow

1. I do agree ‘the customer is king’. But at present, there are some things my team is not able to offer King service.
A. Our sales company is located in China. We have jet lag here. we are not able to offer the real 24 hours service.
B. My team is now only to read and speak English.
C. If there will be some printer technical problems. We usually communicate with emails. Emails will reply in one working day.
2. We have only a few customers in NL now. Maybe with your help. we can open quite a good market in NL.
3. You can make bulk orders from us directly or use our dropshipping service. But as you may know. Such as, one item in one order, we are making a very small profit or even losing money.
4. SUNLU has quite a good reputation in EU market.

Question 1: How many orders can you handle per day?
A: We can handle over at least 100 more orders now every day.

Question 2: Do you always have everything on stock or do you also run out of any of the filaments? If so, how often does this occur?
A: From Jun on, we have prepared enough inventory in the EU warehouse until then end of 2020. We produce and ship to EU, that will takes around 2 month. Please check the attachment of the SUNLU product inventory in the EU warehouse.

Question 3: How fast can you process orders? (Inclusive and exclusive the shipping time).
A: Orders to NL is around 5-7 working days. But we usually tell our customers around 10 working days. But as you may know, the logistic service became slows down after the epidemic happened.

Question 6: Who is responsible if a package doesn’t arrive (in time) and the customer wants its money back?
A: 1. The truth is Most of the time, That depends on the order's quantity. We will discuss it with the customers.
2. If there is a shipment problem. the shipment takes a long time more than usual. we usually would ask the customer to be more patient. I know that is not "King service". But honestly, we are not paying for the shipment delay.
3.If the customer never received the package. We will offer refund. In real situation, customers will ask their money back for lots of reasons. But lucky, with SUNLU product quality. Return and refund appear very seldomly.

Question 7: If a package arrives broken: what about guarantees and repairs? Who is going to pay for the replacement and the whole aftersales and logistical process?
A: If there is filament product quality problem, we will offer refunds mostly. Because of most of the time. shipping freight costs more than the product's price.
But for the printers. we offer free replacements to fix the printer issues. mostly, with replacement parts. printer problems will be fixed.
For the 3D printer orders, we have like 5% that need after-sales. Because for new users, the 3D printer needs more replacement and guide. We offer free replacement if there is a quality problem.

Question 8: Can confirm the authenticity of the SUNLU filament? I recently ordered from ZHUHAI Sunlu INDUSTRIAL in China. Is it true that this is your manufacturer?
A: Yes, ZHUHAI Sunlu INDUSTRIAL is our manufacturer in China. We are producing 3D printer/ 3D printer filament / 3D PEN / enotepad in our factory. If you want to import from China, you can also reach me for the quotation or sales manager Lucky, email address is:

Question 9: Would an exclusive partnership for the Netherlands with ID-3Ddesign a possibility?
A: This is possible to have an exclusive partnership. But as you would know, there will be conditions. Limit purchase amount or quality is required. May I ask what is your plan of sales amount in NL for the next year?