250mm/s Fast Printing 3D Printer - SUNLU Terminator-3 Officially Released 

250mm/s Fast Printing 3D Printer - SUNLU Terminator-3 Officially Released 

SUNLU --- Pioneer and guide of 3D printing materials and peripheral products.

    In 2013, the company was established with 5 employees and the annual shipment of FDM consumables is 100,000 tons.

    In 2015, the annual shipments of FDM consumables reached 2 million tons, and in 2017, the annual shipments of consumables reached 5 million tons. PLA, ABS, TETG,TPU and other consumable products with stable quality and rich colors have created diversified and rich printing experience for tens of millions of 3D printing lovers.

    In 2019, after years of experience accumulation and technical optimization, the first FDM3D printer S8 was launched. With its ultra-high cost performance and larger print size, it was loved and recognized by users in North America and Europe.

    In 2020, in order to improve the printing quality from the consumable end, it launched its first consumable drying oven S1, which officially entered the global market after successfully completing the crowdfunding of 300,000 dollars. In FDM printing global user group enjoys the reputation of "the most useful 3D printing auxiliary equipment".

    In 2022, with 400 employees, the company has delivered more than 20 million PCS of consumables, 4 million 3D printing pens and nearly 1 million consumable drying boxes to global users, taking a certain market share in various 3D printing market segments and gradually developing into one of the leading benchmark enterprises in the global 3D printing additive manufacturing industry. Its latest fast printer Terminator3 has the following technical and functional breakthroughs:

Leading speed: I3 model fastest printing -250mm/s fast printing

    The fastest printing speed is 250mm/s, leading the same type of products 100mm/s while taking into account the printing accuracy and printing quality. Through the fast printing algorithm + double gear feeding + intelligent temperature control of multi-fans + its fast printing consumables, the three core dimensions of "software", "hardware" and "consumables" that affect the printing quality and speed of FDM are comprehensively upgraded, so as to maximize the potential of I3 model, reach the surprising printing speed of 250mm/s, and improve the printing efficiency.

250mm/s fast printing, fast 3d printer, high speed

Leading PRINTING SUCCESS RATE - "THE TERMINATOR 3" PRINTER USES ADVANCED SELF-DEVELOPED plug continued printing function and a variety of convenience technology

    T3 can pause printing and return to standby in the event of a nozzle blockage problem. After the nozzle is unblocked, the printing process is resumed, 100% of which avoids the printing failure caused by blockage, and the waste of time and resources caused by having to print again. It solves the biggest core pain point of printing failure - blockage problem, and directly improves the success rate of printing. At the same time, its automatic leveling, broken materials continue to beat, improve the printing success rate of careless users who have difficulties in leveling, often forget to supplement supplies. The belt regulator of X axis and Y axis enables T3 to keep the moving accuracy of X axis and Y axis under factory condition, which indirectly improves the success rate of printing.

resume printg, auto bed leveling
    In the four dimensions of plug, leveling, emergency response, and machine life optimization, T3 leads similar products in the printing success rate.

Leading noise reduction - Equipped with 32-bit high performance mute motherboard +X, Y, Z and E axis full mute driver

    T3 printer is equipped with self-developed 32-bit high-performance silent motherboard and fully silent motor drive. The noise is as low as 45 decibels when printing, and you can enjoy the quiet printing experience of 15DB leading similar products.

32bit, silence printing

Modular structure + all metal precision design concept

    T3 is assembled in three simple steps. The grab-and-go handle makes it even more portable and can be used anywhere. The 400*400*470mm fuselage is composed of a solid metal frame and a square base combined with sophisticated parts, which is better than competitors in the stability of the machine, but the weight of the machine is only 7.25kg. 

easy to take

High cost performance - a gift from SUNLU supporters

    The feature-packed T3 sells for $279, a price you can't get from any other brand. You can go to SUNLU Terminator-3 for more details.