Running Towards the Rising Sun-Written on the 10th anniversary of SUNLU Group

Running Towards the Rising Sun-Written on the 10th anniversary of SUNLU Group

In recent years, we are pleased to see more and more friends starting to use 3D printing. From industry to healthcare, from education to creative designs, the popularity of 3D printing is increasing. But we think it's not enough. 3D printing is still like the morning sun at 8 or 9 o'clock, just rising, illuminating everything. It will exert greater light and heat in the future, and profoundly change our production and lifestyle.

Ten years is a relatively long time for a 3D printing company. Along the way, we have seen many peer companies change, many unable to survive the low periods of the industry, and many choosing to tap gold in larger industries. We have persisted with single-minded focus because of our passion for the industry. Passion allows us to persist during low periods in the industry; passion allows us to remain calm amidst the noise.

Some may ask: Why are you passionate about the industry? Maybe it's the drive to change the world that came with starting the business; Maybe it's the attitude of loving one industry and being professional in it; Maybe it's some dissatisfaction with the low-quality products on the market; Maybe it's the pleasure from improving product craftsmanship; Maybe it's the joy of successful new technology development. More importantly, it's the satisfaction and recognition from users when using SUNLU products.

For this satisfaction and recognition, over the past decade, we have achieved line diameter accuracy within +0.02mm, neat line placement rate over 99%, optimal process stability, lowest cost, striving to provide "the best quality at the same price"; striving to offer the most affordable prices while maintaining sound business growth. For product quality stability, we have developed some proprietary procedures during production to improve batch-to-batch consistency; for products quality stability, we attach high importance to quality inspection, investing significant human and material resources annually to ensure our product have over 99.99% qualification rate. To lower costs, we strive to develop automated production equipment, significantly reducing labor costs; thanks to the support of numerous users, we have become one of the largest producers in the industry, large-scale production has greatly reduced our raw material and production costs.

With this philosophy, we are acknowledged by some well-known companies in 3D printing industry and become their provider. In our mind, 3D printing started with the spirit of open source, and the development of the industry also relies on many users with open source spirit and open mindset. Therefore, we always uphold an open mindset, welcoming cooperation with peer companies to jointly provide users with higher quality products. At the same time, we will soon launch the SUNLU Top Fans Program, users in the program will regularly receive free trial of our new products, and we hope users can give us "complaints" about our products - the more "complaints", the more rewards.

We run towards the rising sun because we see the promising prospects for industry growth; we run because we want to improve efficiency and meet users' constantly upgrading personalized needs. Thank you for the support and companionship from users over the past decade. In the next decade, we hope more people will join us to do more interesting things together!

—Jack Jiang, Founder and CEO of SUNLU Group July 20, 2023