Good Voices for SUNLU Stand Resin

Good Voices for SUNLU Stand Resin

Customer #1: Taylor Hildreth

I'm honestly amazed with just how flexible this resin is, that mini is fully post cured and it still allows that much bend without feeling like it wants to snap. I originally bought this because i needed to make a lot of minis quick and the two liters of resin is tempting, but I think I'm going to continue to get it since it seems very sturdy for game minis. The settings they suggest for mono screens are also quite good, though I went down to 25 seconds for the base 6 layers and 2 for the normal at 50um with no real issues. (Mini by mz4250)

Customer #2: Andrew Powers

This resin is great for everyday model printing. Great finish and cures well. I used alcohol inks to add color to the grey and clear resins. Be careful removing supports with the stuff because it can cure quite brittle on the smaller parts. This would not be a suitable resin for any parts intended for structural or weight baring needs.Overall, I feel like Sunlu has provided a very good budget friendly general purpose resin.

Customer #3: Chris Jacoby

I absolutely love this product. I have been using it to print minis on my Wiiboox light 130 and the results are AMAZING. The product is awesome its extremely durable the containers are fantastic the packaging is maybe a bit over the top. But i look forward to using this again

Customer #4:  Dana R Stratton

This is a high quality resin at a very good price. I very much like the dark grey. I had no problems on my standard settings and on my Elegoo Saturn 2 at 0.4 layer height the prints were really well detailed.

Customer #5: James B

I own a print shop and use over 20kg a week in resin. I've bounced around to many brands before finding Sunlu. It doesn't get much better at all. The price point is great, the detail it can hold is incredible the resin prints faster than most, cured quicker than most and the new slim bottles are great for saving space. This needs to be everyone's go to resin.

Customer #6:  Jschnoor

I’ve purchased this resin 3 times now and have been getting amazing prints. I love the light grey color the best.