About PLA Meta! Commenter said.......

About PLA Meta! Commenter said.......

PLA-Meta has been on sale for 3 months, what do you think of this Filament?


Chris P

It's nice that I can run my printer at lower temperatures so I can use less energy. Besides this cube, I had a few apartment number signs printed up for simple purposes (indoor use, not outdoor) and they looked really good. Didn't take pictures of those cause went to put them up right away.



I used the stock profile on cura for pla and only changed the temp to 210 due to an all metal hotend. worked like a charm on the first try




It prints beautifully with zero stringing and great bed adhesion. This is definitely a new go to PLA for me.



james hammond

very well could be the smoothest running pla ever


PLA Meta is a newly developed PLA material

It has:

Lower print temperature, less energy consumption and less corrosion on the hot end.

Smoother printing with less clogging.

Higher material toughness and improved impact resistance.

The new macaron color system brings a different experience.


Buying address:https://bit.ly/3ApyyE0


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