Amazing:250mm/s Fast Printing 3D Printer -SUNLU Terminator3

Amazing:250mm/s Fast Printing 3D Printer -SUNLU Terminator3

Amazing:250mm/s Fast Printing 3D Printer -SUNLU Terminator3

SUNLU-- a giant of 3D printing materials and peripheral products, has delivered more than 20 million PCS of consumables, 4 million 3D printing pens and nearly 1 million consumables drying boxes to global users in just 10 years since its establishment. As the leader of the global FDM consumables market, after S8 and S9plus, Launched its blockbuster new fast 3D printer Terminator3.

250mm/s fast printing - spend the time for more meaningful things

Work, family, creation, design, all require an investment of time, as many philosophers have said:

Wasting time is a great sin -- Rousseau

The golden age is before us, not behind us. -- Mark Twain

The way to get work done is to cherish every minute. - Darwin

And the most regrettable is the time - Golgi

The more one knows the value of time, the more one feels the pain of losing it. - Dante

SUNLU believes that in the current FDM3D printing market, the price of the printer with fast printing is high, and there is no printer that can print really fast in the home market. It can really bring users fast printing experience, and let users spend more time in more meaningful company with their families, ideas and research and design. After two years of testing and development, Terminator-3, its first fast printing 3D printer, was finally released.

In the comparison test of 50mm/s, 100mm /s (the recommended and maximum printing speed for similar machines) and 250mm/s, the printing time was reduced by 400% and 300% respectively by printing the same simple geometry, 0.008 cubic meters in size and using the same consumables.


 Print the same simple geometry, the volume is reduced by half, 0.004 cubic meters size, using the same consumables, the printing time is reduced by 300% and 250%, respectively. Compared with this test data, the printing speed of fast printing is significantly affected by the size of the model.

After increasing the difficulty of the printing model, the printing time was reduced by 250% and 200% respectively.


It can be seen that with the size adjustment and difficulty increase of the model, the printing efficiency of T3 decreases significantly. Sunlu's explanation for this is that when the size of the same model is reduced, the running trajectory of the printer will change more frequently in advance while the acceleration time to reach the fastest printing speed of 250mm/s is not enough, so the printing efficiency will decrease.Similarly, after increasing the difficulty of the model, the trajectory of the printer changes more frequently, so only part of the model printing process can reach the fastest printing speed. For this explanation, editor thinks it is more reasonable, just like we drive a car, the speed of straight line and curve is obviously different. Even so, Terminator-3 achieves an average print efficiency improvement of more than 200%.


Sunlu gives a more professional explanation:

Terminator3 maximizes the potential of I3 through the comprehensive upgrade of "software" and "hardware" through the fast printing algorithm developed based on 32-bit silent motherboard, double gear feeding, intelligent temperature control of multi-fans and stable all-metal body, and achieves the printing speed of 250mm/s we see now and improves the printing efficiency. And under the high performance quiet motor drive, so that T3 printing only 45dB noise, fast and quiet.


We also found that Terminator-3 maintained a relatively good print quality at 250mm/s. SUNLU also has an explanation for this:

We can remained high print quality in fast printing, in addition to the upgrading of the printer itself, we introduced a fast printing consumables PLA - early meta, many users see only the color compared with previous SUNLU consumables have obvious changes, is more important to be on the liquidity has a 40% improvement compared to other consumables. In addition, we are not unfamiliar with another product: the drying oven of consumables. The drying oven of consumables has been dried. Compared with the drying of consumables, the printing stability and quality have not been dried.

In fact, more importantly, whether the 3D printer can print successfully and the printing quality can meet the expectation is affected by many factors, such as the performance of the printer itself, the supply of consumables, the selection of models and slices, and so on. Terminator3 has speed and quality at the same time, not a single point, Terminator3 advanced fast printing algorithm, fully silent 32-bit motherboard + fully silent XYZE shaft drive, all metal extruder, automatic leveling function, plug refill function, power cut material refill function, The belt regulator function of X and Y weeks, magnetic suction platform and all-metal stable body, we have fully considered every factor that may ultimately affect the printing quality and results.


The T3 costs $279 and you can check it out at SUNLU.COM. What do you think about the price and the features we've seen so far?


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