8K Resin and Ultra 8K Resin

8K Resin and Ultra 8K Resin

The invasion made by 3D printers and its army of designers and materials made the world turn there head to see what is this all about! It literally reshapes the traditional manufacturing methods that we know opening new doors and new possibilities. Now lots of FDM players are moving toward Resin printers to get the small and fine details that could not be achieved using extrusion methods, and One of the latest and most exciting developments is the emergence of 8K resin and ultra 8K 3D printer resin. These cutting-edge materials are revolutionizing the industry, allowing for unimaginable levels of detail and precision in 3D printed objects which open the doors for whole new possibilities and breath-taking designs.

8K resin/Ultra 8K Resin not only used for 8k resin printer, it also can get high resolution models with other resin 3D printers.

What is 8K and Ultra 8K

For resin 3d printer, the 8K is usually refer the resolution of LCD screen. There are main three types resin 3D printer in the market:

  1. SLA(Stereolithography)
  2. DLP(Digital Light Processing)
  3. LCD(Liquid Crystal Display)


3D printing resin is a photopolymer that solidifies when exposed to light. SLA printers use lasers to aim beams across liquid resin, curing cross-sections layer-by-layer. SLA machines require lasers and moving parts so they are considered professional printers starting around $3,000, rather than budget options. SLA offers high accuracy but slower speeds. So, for the SLA resin printer, the concept of resolution is meaningless.

DLP uses a flash of light to cure entire layers at once, directed by an array of tiny mirrors. This is faster but some detail is lost. The projected image forms layers of rectangular voxels. LCD 3D printing uses an LCD screen displaying each layer's image. UV light from LEDs shines through to cure resin on the build plate. The resolution of resin 3D printers refers to the screen resolution of LCD 3D printers or the resolution of the DLP light.The 8K Resin and the Ultra 8K Resin refer to the Resins can be used for 8K and Ultra 8K resin 3D printer. It can display the ultra fine detail of the 3D models printed by 8K and Ultra 8K resin 3D printer. 

Generally speaking the higher the resolution, the more accurate the printed model. However, it also depends on the size of each pixel area, if the LCD printer has a large screen and a large area per pixel, the accuracy of the printed model will not be very high.

Features of Ultra resolution Resin

What kind of UV Resin can offer the fine detail of 8K and Ultra 8K resolution? The matte finish can offer more detail than high gloss finish. So, the 3d printer resin which can produce matte finish is the ideal material for high resolution resin 3d printer.

The second feature relate with printed model detail is the hardness of the curing material. The higher the hardness of the model printed of photosensitive resin, the richer the detail.

So, the 8K and Ultra 8K resin usually are matte UV Resin,and also are rigid resin.


The possibilities unlocked by 8K resin and ultra 8K resin extend to a wide range of industries. From architectural models to product prototypes, medical devices to complicated jewellery designs, these high-resolution resins are enabling ground-breaking innovations. Successful use cases in various industries continue to demonstrate the potential of these materials to transform the way we create and manufacture objects.


In my opinion the introduction of 8K resin and ultra 8K 3D printer resin marks a significant breakthrough in the world of Additive manufacturing. Especially the price of these Ultra resolution UV Resin are descend quickly.The impact of these resins on the industry cannot be unnoticed. By unlocking the power of high-resolution printing, 8K resin and ultra 8K resin are revolutionizing the possibilities of 3D printing, paving the way for a future where previously unimaginable creations become a reality, hence make us promised with beautiful and amazing designs and applications in the near future.