T3 printer customer evaluation

T3 printer customer evaluation

Steven Brown:

The T3 was dead simple to put together. Took 5 minutes. (DISCLAIMER: I have been printing for over 4 years and have assembled and repaired dozens of printers)
The Bad:
The USB SD reader doesn't work. I didn't get my free roll of filament and There is no profile available for Cura (just use Ender 3). The spool holder is too small.
The Good:
It's wicked fast. ABL works perfectly. I like the enclosure for the screen and front end. Nicest filament runout sensor I have used. I usually remove them. The video is 200mm/210degrees/65degrees with the sample PLA. The build surface is great and making changes to settings is simple just like an Ender.
I can't comment on the manual as I didn't need it.
Is it worth the initial offer of $149? I believe so. Time will tell if it's worth full price.


Paul Feeney:

My Second print on the Sunlu T3


Christopher Aled Starkey:

The T3 is a great printer with functionality you don't often see at this budget price, having auto bed leveling, filament runout sensor, and a magnetic flex bed, to mention a few.


Mike Labbe:

The T3 is fixed and service was very good to help.  I was running it 24.7 for several days and no issues at all. nice printer!