Anatomical Models Medical Case Using SUNLU PLA Filament

Anatomical Models Medical Case Using SUNLU PLA Filament

SUNLU 3D printer filament has been used much in medical care. This article wrote by one of our customer, show the 3D printing applications in medical care.

At the University Hospital Center (CHU) in Brest, France, the "W.PRINT" 3D printing platform utilizes SUNLU PLA filament to print anatomical models for various purposes:

Pre-surgical Preparation. Surgeons use printed anatomical models to practice shaping and positioning future implants, facilitating the creation of customized treatment plans and ensuring safer surgeries.

Training Young Doctors and Students. These anatomical models enhance the quality of teaching for future practitioners by providing realistic representations.

Patient Relations. Printed anatomical models also improve patients' understanding of the surgeries  they are about to undergo.

Dr. Samuel Guigo
Interventional Neuroradiology Unit