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PLA is a product derived from natural crops like corn, unlike other polymer plastics. It is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Almost all FDM 3D printers can print with PLA. As its melting point is low, PLA is very easy to print.

PLA+ is PLA that has been enhanced by adding modifiers during PLA synthesis.The mechanical properties (flexibility, strength, ductility, etc.) of PLA+ are superior. 3D printed models from PLA+ have a smoother surface and better appearance.

PLA VS PLA+ compare

Features PLA PLA+
Dimensional accuracy +0.05 mm +0.03 mm
Mechanical performance Low High
High temp resistant
No Yes
High-resolution No Yes
Environmentally friendly Yes No
Cost $15 to 20 per kg $17 to 21 per kg


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