SUNLU FilaDryer S4, Temperature Balance and High Efficiency, Get 2 Free Filament

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[Large Capacity] Internal size 450*210*211mm, can dry 4 rolls of 1kg consumables at the same time, meet the user's multi-colour printing and multi-computer printing needs.
[Rapid heating] Built-in 300W PTC heater, heating to 50℃ in 30mins, faster and more efficient.
[3 levels of safety protection] PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistor), temperature switch, and software triple protection, real-time temperature monitoring, and alarm prompts when the temperature is abnormal, for greater safety.
[Temperature Balance] The left and right side circulating fans and the bottom heating fan in the chassis ensure that the temperature in the chassis is balanced ±3℃, and every part of the consumables can get perfect drying effect.
[Adjustable humidity] Adjust the humidity in the chassis, the humidity in the box reaches the set value (30%-50%) will automatically start until the humidity drops to 25% and then stops, to better meet the humidity needs of different types of consumables.
[High compatibility] Support with all models of printers connected to the use; support 4 printers at the same time baking material printing; compatible with consumables wire diameter 1.75mm, 2.85mm, 3.0mm.

Name: S4-Filament Dryer
Model: S4-FD
Net weight: 4.8KG
Outer Size: 516*278*350mm
G.W.: 5.5KG
QTY/BOX: 1pc
Size: 458*218*312mm (including the height of the tripod)
Colour: Black
Maximum Capacity: 450*210*211mm
Power Input: AC 110V~240V 50Hz/60HZ
Rated Power: 320W

1* S4 drying box, 1* power adapter, 1* user manual, 2* Teflon tubes (100cm), 4* Teflon tubes (8cm)

1 year warranty, the use of non-original brand power supply or not in accordance with the instructions for the correct operation of the damage caused by the warranty is not covered.


The Best Solution for Drying Filaments

Today, as 3D printing technology evolves, we recognize a changing user demand for the 3D printing filament dryer. In response, we proudly introduce the all-new SUNLU FilaDryer S4.

  • 【More than Bigger】

    SUNLU FilaDryer S4 comes with a design size of 458mm*218mm*312mm. lt contains up to 4 rolls of 1kg filament. is equipped with eight filament holes, and PTFE tubes, which meetsthe users' demands for drying multiple filaments and for concurrentprinting while drying with multiple printers.

  • 【More than Efficiency】

    SUNLU FilaDryer S4 is equipped with the PTC heating element and a triple-fanconfiguration and therefore it demonstrates enhanced heating efficiency bybeing able to heat up to 70'C in a shorter amount of time. The PTC heater boastsa heating power of 330W, a 6.9X a increase compared to that of SUNLU FilaDryer S2.

  • 【More than Temperature】

    Not only heats up to 70'C, but also controls humidity
    Interior heat is efficiently circulated with three fans ensuring a degree of balancereaching +3C. Complemented by eight filament holes, the design effectively expelsinterior humidity, preventing moisture accumulation. All these designs are to ensurethat the temperature setting on the machine matches the real-time temperature.

SUNLU Filadryer S4 comes with pre-configured temperature settings of commonly used filaments such as PLA, ABS, PETG, as well as TPU, PA and PC. These configurations are based on testing data, providing optimal drying time and temperature. By expanding options while reducing setup complexities, we aim to improve your experience.

We understand users of 3D printing community value independence,self-expression, and the pursuit of self-challenge.Therefore, enthusiastscan customize their own machine tops 3D printing is a platform wherelimitless imagination meets the thrill of brilliant design. Let's embark onthis journey together and witness the limitless possibilities

SUNLU filament dryer S4 features eight filament outlets, ideal for multiple printers and various filament loading angles, smoother loading and printing.


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PLA is a food-safe material, but the filament will be added with toner during the production process, and it may also be contaminated by the printing nozzle during the printing process, so we do not recommend you to use PLA to print tableware

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