3D Printer Flexible Removable Magnetic Build Plate Heated Bed, 2A+1B( 235*235mm or 310*310mm)


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Color: Black (2A+1B)

  • Black (2A+1B)

Size: 235*235mm

  • 235*235mm
  • 310*310mm
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3D Printer Build Plate

Flexible, Removable, Magnetic

235X235MM (9.25x9.25 Inches)

2x Build Surface & 1x Magnetic Base

Fit for SUNLU Terminator 3

And other equal or over 235×235mm hotbed platform
like Ender 3/Ender 3 pro/Ender 3 V2/Ender 5

How to use?

1. Tear off the side(B part) with the adhesive

2. Stick the adhesive side of B part on the printing surface

3. Combine the magnetic side of A with B, and then you can start

4. After printing, pick up side A and the model together

5. Remove the model by genteelly bending the flexible magnetic plate

The product is divided into two parts(3pcs): A(upper)*2pcs + B(lower)*1pcs
-Part A: The top is a build surface, and the back is magnetic (the interaction with the front of Part B plays an attractive role)
-Part B: The top is magnetic (with the adsorption under the A part), the back is the adhesive (posted on the printer platform, which plays a fixed role)
-If it fails to adsorb, please rotate it 90 degrees and try again.

This product is rated for use with PLA filaments ONLY. Any use with filaments with high shrinkage coefficients may experience malfunction or decrease in magnetic force over time. This will NOT prevent prints from warping.
This product is not for use with high-temperature printing applications above 70*C.
Easy removal 3D printing platform for PLA and PLA-based materials

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3D Printer Flexible Removable Magnetic Build Plate Heated Bed, 2A+1B( 235*235mm or 310*310mm)

Europe / Black (2A+1B) / 235*235mm
Europe / Black (2A+1B) / 235*235mm
$19.99 $15.99