Crystal Coating Resin for DIY Crafts Jewelry Making Casting and Coating

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35g*8 Bottles(Clear*3+Twinking Gold*3+Twinking Silver*2)

¢١¾Product Packaging¡¿ SUNLU UV crystal coating resin includes 8 bottles of 35g resin, clear colour*3 bottles + Twinking gold*2 bottles + Twinking silver*2 bottles. SUNLU UV crystal coating resin is a standard photopolymer resin used to apply on the surface of 3D printed models.
¢ڡ¾Maintain Colour Stability¡¿ The application of SUNLU UV crystal coating resin increases the transparency and brightness of the surface of 3D printed models. Transparent printing models have a more crystal clear colour and glossy models have a more brilliant colour.
¢ۡ¾More Stronger and Smoother¡¿ SUNLU UV crystal coating resin can make rough, dull 3d printed model surfaces become smooth to the touch. It gives 3d printing art a high quality hardness after curing, protecting the 3d printed models and extending the storage lifespan of the 3d printed models. 3D printing models forming faster and the exposure time shorter.
¢ܡ¾Excellent Quality¡¿ SUNLU UV crystal coating resin has a sparkling colour, high transparency, no impurities, high hardness, low odour, no discolouration, easy to use and fast curing (SUNLU coating resin takes only 3-5 minutes to cure).
¢ݡ¾High Compatibility¡¿ Compatible with 3d printing resins: standard resin, ABS-like, plant-based resin, PA resin, water washable resin, tough resin, flexible resin and 99% of other 3d printing resins on the market. Compatible with 3d printing filament: PLA, PLA PLUS, PLA META, SILK, PETG, ABS, PLA MATTE and 99% of other 3D printing filaments on the market.


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PLA is a food-safe material, but the filament will be added with toner during the production process, and it may also be contaminated by the printing nozzle during the printing process, so we do not recommend you to use PLA to print tableware

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