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3D printer filament is the raw material used by 3D printers to create objects. It comes in a coil or spool of plastic wire that is fed into the 3D printer. The most common materials are PLA and ABS plastics. 3D Filaments come in different colors and materials like wood, metal, carbon fiber, and flexible plastics to allow printing of diverse objects. SUNLU provides multiple 3D printer filament types, including PLA, PLA Meta, PLA+, PETG, TPU, ABS, ASA filament and many modified PLAs such as wood PLA, Raibow PLA and silk PLA.

These 3D filaments have different properties, so they can be used for different applications. TPU is a flexible material similar to rubber and can be used to make protective covers for smartphones and other valuable equipment. ABS filament is a very high-strength material and can be used to create mechanical parts and consumer goods. SUNLU's 3D printer filaments are all affordable and high-quality.

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