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PLA Meta is a modified version of PLA developed by SUNLU. PLA Meta filament is 1.5 times more fluid than regular PLA. Consequently, it is highly suitable for high-speed 3D printing. In terms of impact resistance and toughness, it outperforms normal PLA and PLA+. If a 3D printed model made with PLA Meta is dropped on the ground, it will not shatter. The vibrant colors of PLA Meta 3D printer filaments produce glossy surface prints that are perfect for arts, crafts, and 3D projects.

Its excellent adhesion and superior layer bonding make PLA Meta easier to print successfully compared to PLA and PLA+. Lastly, SUNLU PLA Meta boasts an accuracy that is up to 0.02mm higher than most PLA filaments. We believe it is the best 3D printer filament for 3d printing users.

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