Recently, the list of winners of MUSE Design Awards 2022, one of the most influential international awards in the global design field, was announced. The "3D printing consumables drying box FilaDryer S2" independently developed and designed by Sanlu won the silver award of the MUSE Design Awards, shining the brand light of Sanlv products on the international stage.

MUSE Design Awards is one of the most influential international awards in the field of creative design in the world. Founded in New York, USA, it is sponsored by the International Awards Associates (IAA), a long-established international awards association. The awards are aimed at architecture, interior, product, landscape, lighting Collect design works in a wide range of fields such as packaging, fashion, etc., and promote the development of the global design industry to a higher level. As a highly influential international award, the Muse Design Award is known for its strict review system and high-quality judging standards.

With the vigorous development of the 3D printing industry, many 3D printed products fail to print due to damp consumables. In this context, Sanlu developed and designed a new generation of printing drying box "FilaDryer S2".
This product can not only provide a deep dry storage environment for the unpacked consumables, avoid them from being damp, but also set the appropriate drying temperature and time to quickly dry the damp consumables, effectively solving the pain point of printing failure due to damp consumables, and improving The efficiency of wire usage and the quality of 3D printed products.

The product adopts a new circular internal box design and an innovative wrap-around circuit layout, which increases the heating range of the product to 70°C. It can not only dry conventional printing materials such as PLA/PETG, but also ensure the storage and drying requirements of high-end materials such as PA/PC, reflecting good universality. At the same time, the electrothermal conversion and thermal cycle performance of the product has been greatly improved, which can effectively reduce energy consumption while ensuring that the temperature difference in each internal area is less than 1°C, providing a more uniform and thorough drying effect for consumables.

The product's large, backlit touchscreen design facilitates user interaction, making it easy for users to set up and monitor consumable processing progress in a variety of environments. A variety of consumable processing solutions based on a large number of experimental tests are pre-stored for users to set up with one click, which effectively simplifies the operation process and reduces the difficulty of getting started.
In addition, the product also reserves the best angle outlet for connection with the printer, combined with the timing consumables processing function, the integration of drying and printing processes is realized, which is convenient for users to freely carry out 3D printing.

There are many entries for the 2022 Muse Design Award and the competition is fierce. The "3D printing consumables drying box FilaDryer S2" independently developed and designed by Sanlu has been screened and won the silver award in the design category, shining on the international stage. Thanks again to the professional review team for their recognition of the China Sanlv brand!