[MOQ: 5 Bottles] Standard Plus Resin 1000G

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Higher Precision and Stronger Toughness

standard plus resin setting

    [High Precision] Enhanced resistance to background light, no excess resin residue on the surface of the printed model, ensuring that each model printed has a smooth surface, clear texture and fine details.

    [Low Volume Shrinkage] Low shrinkage and good stability reduce volume shrinkage during curing. Therefore, after cleaning and post-curing, the molded work will not be significantly deformed or cracked for a long time.

    [Not easy to brittle break] Toughness is stronger than standard resins, not easy to brittle break

    [Low Viscosity, Good Flowability] The resin has excellent flowability, which allows it to flow back quickly to the area between the model and the release film, increasing the success rate of printing and reducing printing time.

    [Safe and low odor] Low odor and very pure and bright colors. No pungent odor during printing, keeping a fresh and comfortable printing environment.

    Compatible for ELEGOO Mars / ELEGOO Mars Pro / ANYCUBIC Photon / Creality LD002R / ANYCUBIC Photon S / PHROZEN Sonic Mini / LONGER Orange 10 / LONGER Orange 30 / EPAX X1-N

    The light source design, exposure time and other printing parameters of different brands of LCD 3D printers are different.The resin composition ratio of SUNLU designed for the photon is special , it is best consistent with resin photon print parameter
    How to Use:
    1. Environmental requirements: 25-30°C ambient temperature, do not print near windows or in other environments exposed to UV light, and try to keep away from children and pregnant woman.
    2. Shake the 3d print resin well before use to prevent the components from solidification.
    3. Wear nitrile gloves and a protective mask when using the resin and keep the room ventilated.
    4. The residue on the surface of the printed resin parts can be washed with alcohol at a concentration of 95% or more, and it is recommended that the cleaning process should not take more than 1 minute.
    5. pores and other details of the alcohol is not easy to clean to the place can be used ultrasonic or filled with alcohol syringes and other auxiliary tools to clean, and alcohol should not be cleaned too many times to ensure the purity of alcohol, the concentration of impure alcohol cleaning model will lead to whitening and wash the phenomenon of unclean. Specific cleaning time, until the surface of the resin parts no sticky feeling, no residual resin in the pores of the effect shall prevail.
    6. Drain or blow dry the residual alcohol after cleaning and place under UV light or sunlight, and irradiate all parts of the model evenly until the surface of the resin parts feels dry and hard enough.
    7. Use hand sanitizer or dishwashing liquid to wash away any resin residue on the skin, but try not to touch the alcohol-washed resin residue with your hands.
    8. If the resin accidentally gets into your eyes or mouth, wash it off immediately with plenty of water and consult a doctor if you feel unwell.
    Safe Package:
    Thickened aluminum bottle completely protected from light. Leak-proof bottle fully wrapped with a plastic bubble bag to ensure the resin stays in right place.


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    PLA is a food-safe material, but the filament will be added with toner during the production process, and it may also be contaminated by the printing nozzle during the printing process, so we do not recommend you to use PLA to print tableware

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